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Wooden Window Shutters

Interior wooden shutters have been a huge favourite in the USA for over a hundred years and are fast becoming popular in the UK, as they provide elegance and character in addition to privacy and added security.

Most wooden shutters have adjustable louvres for light control, providing shade in summer and added warmth in winter. Solid panel options are also available offering combinations of wood, metal, acrylic and other materials. Wooden panels can be custom finished in natural wood stains or a variety of eggshell, paint colours.

Configuration / Installation Types

There are three main configuration styles when fitting shutters:

Full Window

A single set of panels installed to a window covering the full height of the window.

Tier on Tier

A twin set of panels covering the upper and the lower half of a single window. The upper and lower panel sets operate independently of each another, enabling one set to be closed whilst the other is open or folded back.

Cafe Style

A single set of panels fitted to the lower half of a window only, providing a solution for privacy at the lower level, whilst allowing in maximum light at the top.

Installation Options

Flush fitted inside a reveal

This installation option requires an experienced measurer/fitter to ensure that the quality of the fit is equivalent to the quality of the product.

Surface fitted onto a batten frame

This is recommended for ease of fitting as the shutters are fitted onto a matching frame, provided with the shutters, rather than into a recessed surround, which may not be square. This forgiving method allows for more measuring tolerance and is recommended for newcomers.

Fitted to a top track

This installation option offers an alternative mounting style and is most commonly used on larger windows. The shutter panels are suspended from a track, which is top fixed within the recess. The panels then slide back and forth in the same manner as a mirrored wardrobe.